Safe, Efficient, and Intelligent

HydoLyser - the new generation of electrolyzer hydrogen production system

Hydo Tech has independently developed HydoLyser, an advanced electrolyzer hydrogen production system, integrating the hydrogen safety technology used in the Beijing Winter Olympics, HydoCell electrolysis monolith, and HydoSphere digital platform. The system effectively addresses the challenges faced by the green hydrogen industry, by providing safe, intelligent, efficient, and advanced green hydrogen manufacturing solutions. HydoLyser utilizes market-leading technologies which significantly reduces start-up times and maintenance requirements, resulting in enhanced cost efficiency for hydrogen production.

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Optimization of start-up time
Reduction in lower load limit
Reduction in maintenance time
Cost optimization in stable generation scenario
Cost optimization in fluctuating generation (wind/PV-to-hydrogen) scenario

*Source: Hydo Tech's HPC data analysis platform, based on wind/PV data from a location in western China

HydoCell, Designed for Green Hydrogen Production

Based on the First-Principles, Hydo Tech has pioneered a dynamically scalable and standardized hydrogen production unit, HydoCell, enabling the technical possibility of low-cost hydrogen production and large-scale implementation.

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design simulation

simulation model verification and validation
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More uniform flow field distribution
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Fewer diaphragm impacts
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Higher current density

Based on the standardized and scalable hydrogen production unit of HydoCell, the HydoLyser system can satisfy the customers’ needs ranging from 50 to 1000 Nm³/hr under various conditions.


Capacity for the custom-engineered container

Capacity for the hydrogen production plant
HydoTect 2.0 Wireless Hydrogen Safety Sensor

It is specifically developed for the green hydrogen scenario. Based on Hydo Tech's first-generation hydrogen safety sensing technology, which has already been used in practice at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the second generation of wireless hydrogen safety technology has been further developed.

Combining the second generation of wireless hydrogen safety sensors - HydoTect 2.0 - and self-developed fusion algorithms, it provides integrated hardware and software for site-wide safety monitoring, effectively improving the safety of the entire production process.

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HydoSphere Digital Cloud Platform

Hydo Tech has developed the world-leading digital cloud platform on hydrogen production for HydoLyser, enables nationwide deployment and real-time monitoring of hydrogen production process. HydoSphere has integrated four major functions: digital twin, safety warning, intelligent operation and maintenance, and energy management, bringing hydrogen production to the next level of digital revolution and efficient management.

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OrdosNet-Zero Intelligent Hydrogen Production Demonstration Project