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Industry Innovation

Hydo Tech and our clients are embarking on a great voyage into uncharted territory. Grounded in the First-Principles, we do not assume that any established rules are 'given' in new domains. At the same time, we deeply respect the profound accumulation and great achievements of every field, and firmly believe that interdisciplinary innovation is the key to breakthroughs in renewable energy hydrogen production technology.

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Industry Outlook

Renewable energy hydrogen production is the key to achieving carbon neutrality. It is not only an emerging new energy track that is about to explode, but its applications both at home and abroad are accelerating at the same time. It is also an unprecedented cross-disciplinary field of energy technology, where electrical, information, chemical, and mechanical fields converge. Its wide-ranging applications and deep technological advancements are truly exciting.

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Top Team

At Hydo Tech, we are proud of our team of talented individuals from top universities and industry-leading companies, both domestic and international. We value personal growth, collaborative creation, and sharing. We invite those who are seeking a new challenge, thrive on personal growth, and embrace innovation to join us in exploring and innovating together.

Career Opportunities

Chemical Process Engineer | Mechanical Design Engineer | Electrical Engineer | Embedded Software Engineer | Simulation Engineer | Test Engineer | Production Process Engineer

Job Descriptions
  • Focusing on the development of key modules for new-generation hydrogen production systems, including mechanical structures, hydrogen production processes, hydrogen production power supplies, electrical architectures, system integration, and energy management, as well as advancing technology development and productization with interdisciplinary teams.

  • Supporting customers with corresponding technical modules, including project solution development, technical communication with customers, etc.

  • Promoting cooperation with supply chain partners on key components, including joint technical research, collaboration with suppliers, etc.

Job Requirements
  • Technical talents from leading companies in electrical, energy storage, communication, automotive, mechanical equipment, rail transportation, petrochemical, energy chemical, gas chemical and related industries who have strong technical capabilities and are familiar with the standardized R&D system and process

  • With the ability to create and learn, the desire for interdisciplinary innovation, and the willingness and ability to cooperate

  • Longing to create value.

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