Technology Innovation

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Material Analysis Technology

Based on the technology accumulation in the preparation-characterization-testing of key electrochemical materials, Hydo Tech has leveraged its expertise to conduct scientific screening, characterization, modification, and combination of these materials. Through the establishment of a comprehensive material analysis technology platform, our customers benefit from safer, more efficient, and higher cost performance material systems. At Hydo Tech, we are committed to ongoing innovation and optimization of our materials to meet the evolving needs of the hydrogen production industry.

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Simulation Design Platform

Based on the capability building, R&D investment and technological innovation in structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, electrochemistry and heat and mass transfer simulation, Hydo Tech developed a cutting-edge technology iteration platform for simulation technology guidance and design optimization, resulting in safer, more reliable, and more efficient products for our customers.

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Intelligent Management System

Based on technical investment and continuous innovation in the fields of intelligent terminal sensing, intelligent data management, and intelligent analysis and optimization, Hydo Tech has built an intelligent technology system by integrating hardware and software to provide customers with safer and more efficient products and management systems.